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My name is Sakri Rosenstrom, a Brussels based freelance front end developer with 20 years of experience crafting UIs, interaction, components, architectures, visualizations and effects for websites, applications and games. Browse through my cards, check out my interview questions in the FAQ. If you like what you see, don't hesitate to get in touch through the contact section.

I started out as a Graphic Designer, then discovered a preference for programming. The combination has resulted in a “visual thinker” often providing “out of the box” creative solutions and ideas.

I have participated in successes and failures, in a range of roles within teams large and small, various backgrounds, cultures and project management processes, making banner ads to large scale web apps, for all types of screens.

These experiences have molded me into a pragmatist with a mature understanding of the project development life-cycle, balancing the requirements of business, designers and developers alike. Over the years I have been coached and mentored by incredible professionals, and have enjoyed sharing that knowledge with others.

I enjoy brainstorming and problem solving. I'm experienced in project promotion (social media, speaking at events). I've pitched projects, give workshops and can communicate technical matters in plain English to non-programmers.

This website is at an "MVP" or "Minimum Viable Product stage", meaning the code is nowhere near production ready and does not represent the quality of what I would consider a deliverable. For the next few weeks I'll be updating frequently while looking for a new project. I also plan to create write a build script script and commit the code to Github.

BBA : Brussels Black Angels

I also coach the Offensive Line of Brussels Black Angels American Football Club, undefeated in the 2018 BAFL Division 1 league and winners of the Belgian Bowl. In the final BBA beat the Limburg Shotguns 50-0.

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Little Odin

Against better judgment, my wife strongarmed me into buying a Chihuahua. Turns out he's an awesome little friend, and great fun to photograph (he's big in Japan!)

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I specialize in visuals, animation and interaction using HTML5 technologies. I enjoy building components (such as the cards navigation of this website), data visualizations, games, minisites and other dynamic custom features. I'm happy working solo on small projects and participating with teams on larger ones. In the past I have used too many frameworks and libraries to list, I have recently had good experiences with Googles Polymer. For smaller projects (like this website) I get a kick out of Vanilla Javascript (no libs/frameworks). Whatever your set up, I'm confident I can get up to speed and productive quickly.

Here's what I can do for you:

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I have had the fortune to work on a colourful assortment of projects with equally varied roles and colleagues. I've worked Solo, been employed by a megacorp, toiled for agencies, start-ups, even founded and co-owned an agency. Click below to browse a selection of my projects.

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You've taken a look around the website and feel like my skill set and personality match your business? Send me an email with your contact details and I'll be happy to arrange a call, or provide info on pricing / availability / remote / travel options. Want to discuss this website? Found a bug, or just wanna leave a comment? For the moment the "platform" is the r/sakri subreddit (you'll have to create a Reddit account).

Email : Discuss on reddit : r/sakri/ LinkedIn : Twitter : Instagram :

Frequently Asked Questions

Having been on both sides of the table, I've tried to answer some common interview questions. Topics range from various aspects of my professional life, work flow, technology, hobbies and life in general.

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Html5 Canvas Workshops

I have given workshops on graphics and animation using the Html5 Canvas at conferences, companies and co-working spaces since 2012. My workshops are hands on, informative and peppered with dry developer humor where attendees can expect to absorb information in a relaxed environment. The workshops are basic to medium advanced, requiring a working understanding of Javascript. The goal of the workshops is a sufficient understanding of the Canvas element, it's strengths and weaknesses, for real life application using best practices and insider tricks and tips.

Current offerings are: Please contact me for a quote on custom content. All Workshops last 6 hours and cost €1,000 (excluding VAT) with a maximum of 15 attendees. Attendees need their own laptop, own code editor of choice and a modern browser. Exercises and Examples use no external libraries, no time is wasted on installation. For workshops outside Belgium you will have to cover my travel and lodging, I will arrive the night before a scheduled workshop.