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This site is under construction, I've put it online so I could share my portfolio with some potential clients. The design is crap, there's no animation and bugs still exist, so be gentle.

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This is the personal website of Sakri Rosenstrom. I'm a Brussels based Front End developer and creative coder from Finland.

I've been making code driven motion graphics, visual effects, game mechanics and animated user interfaces since the late 90's, and have spent a lot of time working on Rich Internet Applications.

I'm currently specializing in the Html5 Canvas, and getting to grips with Angular (which is what I've used to build this website, you can view the sources on GitHub ).

Lately I've been giving Canvas workshops under Devstate but am also looking for work (freelance or full time), using those technologies. Check out my portfolio and CV, if you've got something for me, get in touch!




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I've been a speaker at conferences including FITC Amsterdam, 360 Flex Milan and Multi-Mania Kortrijk. I Freelance right now, here's a list of jobs I've held in reverse chronological order:

Since late 2013, I've been busy with Devstate, a workshops concept revolving around visual coding, focusing on Html5 Canvas, WebGL and General Geometry for creative coding.

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In 2013 I worked as a Flex Developer for Happy Metrix, a dashboard application for visualizing online statistics. I built a set of lightweight charting components, connected to numerous social media APIs and worked on the overall architecture and skinning of the app.

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In 2010 I co-founded Stack & Heap, a Rich Internet Application company. During this time I worked mostly for Johnson & Johnson pharmaceuticals and Van Hoecke, a local kitchen manufacturer.

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2005-2010 was spent as a front end competence/team lead at an upcoming Belgian digital agency. We did tons of work for clients including Sony, Pioneer, Bose, McKinsey & Company, Fortis and Deutche Bank.

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I worked as a flash developer at Sony Net Services, an internal digital agency for Sony Europe websites from 2000-2005. I worked on product driven mini-sites, games, show cases, banner campaigns and even some apps

I started out as a freelancer, doing a lot of work for MisterSuper, an online store selling electronics and gadgets. I started off with a bunch of layouts and animated gif banners, then moved on to flash. I made all kinds of product driven animations featuring Mister Super.

Before my programming career, I attended these 2 schools:

I received a degree in Graphic Design from this school. It was largely focused on sketching and drawing skills to visualize concepts and ideas for logos, posters, layouts etc. I spent half of my final year on an animation with 3D Studio max, which I unfortunately can't find. Upon graduating, the first internet bubble was in full swing, and we were advised to look for work as web designers, and that's what I did.

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The International School Of Brussels was a formative experience in terms of learning and working with people from various cultures and backgrounds. I received an International Baccalaureate, taking higher Art, History and Biology.

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