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Hi, I'm a Brussels based front end developer from Finland. You can browse through my cards using touch, drag, scrollwheel or arrow keys (return key opens, x closes).

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Specializing in Visuals, animation and interaction using HTML5 technologies, I enjoy building components, data visualizations, SPAs, uis, games, menus, loaders, mini-sites and other dynamic custom features.

Large projects

Need to add some life to your project? I'm happy to make/adjust features which will work for all screen sizes including custom:


Having some external input can be rewarding during your brainstorming / analysis sessions. Having worked so long, I have a large bag of tricks to dig into, I have creative ideas, a good sense of what works and pragmatic approaches for making things happen.

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It's been a pleasure to work for a wide range of clients. I'm currently an external consultant on a project with the European Commission. In the past I've coded solo, been employed by a megacorp, toiled for agencies, start-ups, even founded and co-owned a company. Click below to browse a selection of my projects.

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I am currently not looking for new challenges. I've been working as an external consultant on a project with the European Commission since 2018.

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Yep, pretty much another placeholder, don't hold your breath for blog posts anytime soon. The link below will lead you to a few placeholder blog posts from a more optimistic time in the past ;)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Having been on both sides of the table, I've tried to answer some common interview questions ranging from my professional life, preferences, work flow, technology, hobbies and life in general.

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In the past I have given workshops on graphics and animation using the Html5 Canvas at conferences, companies and co-working spaces. I am currently not offering any workshops.

For the right price you could twist my arm into 3 hour evening sessions about: Please contact me for a quote on custom content. Workshops outside Belgium must to cover my travel and lodging, I will arrive the night before.

Interested? Please get in touch via the contact section :