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What's Your Story?

Sorry to disappoint you with such a short story. In the fall of 2018, I was busy on this portfolio while looking for a new project. I landed a job and never had time to finish this. Business as usual for portfolio sites.

If it's any consolance, there's a bit of a story in the card below:

What's your professional story

What's Your Professional Story?

In 1999 The first internet bubble was in full swing. I graduated with a degree in Graphic Design from "Le 75" in Brussels and spammed every web related company/agency I could find on Altavista and the yellow pages.

This landed me a job as a webdesigner for online store. It was a cool job, we had a copy of Macromedia Flash 3, and I quickly learned the ropes through US based flash forums. Before long Flash 4 was released and I found myself spending less time designing, fixated on actionscript and it's creative possibilities.

Sony Europe approached me in 2000 where I joined SonyNetServices, Sonys internal web agency based in Saltzburg, with a branch at the Brussels offices. Within a year of joining I was a full time frontend developer. At this I was busy with comparison apps, product showcases, games, banners, a nasty XSLT based content management system, WAP and iMode mobile phone content...

Sony restructured in 2004, firing 16,0000 personnel globally. Sony Net Services Brussels was shut down, but I stayed on for a year working on an internal project, something along the lines of "elf yourself" or an early snapchat. This project was eventually axed, and I decided it was time to leave mega corp.

With SonyNetServices out of the picture, a local agency called Nascom had found a foot in the door at Sony. I met the team, liked what I saw and joined. This was a great company, 15 guys all hands on, a startup mentality, everyone motivated and producing high quality results. Flash dominated the web and Nascom was one of the players in Belgium. We produced viral games, experience sites, online video was starting to kick in, good times. be continued. I know, riveting stuff, maybe one day.

Outside Programming, What Are You Into?

I like grilling and stuff. Lorem ipsum.

coming soon...

What's Your Dream Job?

Here's a list of what I imagine I would enjoy:

Tell Me About This Website?

For one thing, this site supports linking directly to cards. Click the link below for a lovely animation sequence, and you (might?) arrive at a lengthier write up in the portfolio section about the current version of write up

What's Your Preferred Work Flow?

I prefer to leave design to a designer, the backend to a backend developer and UX to a usability guru. I know enough about all 3 to appreciate the specialists, I've spent a lot of time with them, and am good at establishing workflows which accommodate everyone.

I expect projects to be Agile. Going '100%' by the book never happens, but the main principles should always apply.

...section not quite complete...